From Startup to Scaleup - Checklist

From startup to scaleup

This is a general checklist of measures to help startups reach their next level and create a steady base for sustainable growth. It also helps founders highlight how they view things differently and calibrate their expectations on one and other. I've gathered this list during the time when we were scaling up Beatly and had just reached 18 employees.

Each statement in the list was rated 1-10 by each and every co-founder. We summarized it and quickly could find that we didn't agree on some of them. So spending extra time on those that our expectations clearly differed helped us feel in check.

This can be used regularly to create a baseline that simply decreases risk and increases productivity and efficiency for your organization. Some of the statements have changed or made more clear, but the overall themes have stayed the same.

People / Organization
Cash flow

My original ambition was to review this list each half year or so to begin with. The first couple of iterations we clearly improved on the ones we originally rated low. Some of the highest rated also dropped in rating over time. But as a baseline to start scaling up, this was really helpful for us and has put us in a better place to scale up than ever.