Prowl Node.js API

PUSH notifications are all good and all. But do our products in RevRise really need them? We're in the middle of making the last couple of changes to Form Analytics and I'm evaluating a couple of additions to it.

Testing PUSH notifications in a prototype/early stage product

When evaluating stuff, you might want a cost effective and quick to setup solution. Let's realize that you don't code an iPhone app to test the behavior/response of PUSH notifications IRL. No you don't. However, there is actually an app for that.

I quickly stumbled upon Prowl which is like Growl, but for iPhone. Through its HTTP REST(ful) API you can send PUSH notifications to iPhone/iPad with the prowl app on them.

Since the biggest part of our stack rely on JavaScript, I decided to make a sweet little Node.js library for sending PUSH notifications via Prowl.

Meet node-prowl - the Node.js lib for Prowl

It't super easy to use:

var prowl = new Prowl('MY-API-KEY');
prowl.push('YO, this is awesomez!', 'My app', function( err, remaining ){
  if( err ) throw err;
  console.log( 'I have ' + remaining + ' calls to the api during current hour. BOOM!' );

Install it by:

npm install node-prowl

It's as simple as that!

Find the docs and source in its repository.