Product Development with APIs - lecture / workshop at BERGHS School of Communication

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I had a great time doing this lecture about how you can think of APIs as a core component of your product development toolbox. The lecture consisted of three main parts.

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Check the slides (use keyboard arrows to navigate) here.

Introduction and case building

We discussed the use of APIs today and I preached what for most of the students seemed to be a new way of looking at APIs as black boxes in a product space. Sort of abstract, but talking about it on a less concrete level made many realize the full potential of it.

We built a concept for a new app that was going to consume and produce APIs as its core. We thought of it as a products inner most public layer, which respresented its functionality. Since the students of BERGHS are awesome at coming up with ideas, this was the best part I think.

Consuming APIs to build our amazing app

Our app would conquer the world by storm. It was going to be the "Instagram for food" with some nice twists on it. We discussed which APIs we would utilize to get quality data, how to evaluate an API before consuming it and the broad supply of different types of APIs that is groing almost exponentially.

Producing an API

We thought of use cases in which our users / customers / competitors (soon to bee partners) could benefit from an API we provided.


We spoke about the UNIX philosophy and about how every component in a system could do one thing really well, then piping its information through other components to get the most out of our thought space of black boxes.

Already looking forward to next time. Do you want me to do a workshop or to hold a lecture, please contact me.