Deploy your Jekyll Site Directly from TextMate

Jekyll is the "engine for static blogs" that I'm using here when blogging. You simply write your posts in any text editor (preferably TextMate if you are on a Mac) and then process the blog posts that are written in Markdown or Textile formats via the Liquid Templating Language.


Before this post, there were no clean way to deploy your precompiled Jekyll site to a remote server. So I made a Textmate command allowing you to compile your Jekyll site before you deploy it via rsync to your server. It's a super simple, yet neat way to use Textmate for deploying your site.

Simply follow the instructions in the README in the Github repo to install the command and deploy script.

The Textmate command simply launches a shell script in your ./_tasks directory called up:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
jekyll ../ ../_site --pygments &&
rsync -avz --delete ../_site/ user@server:/path/to/webroot