We are working hard to get to Form Analytics out of the door into the real world. Early mornings and late nights. We put a large part of our life into something we cannot physically touch or hold in our hands. We are creating something new that hopefully brings a huge value to our customers. Every now and then, a bit of doubt comes knocking at our door, while happiness and satisfaction comes knocking the next day. Creating something innovative is an emotional rollercoster.

Blind folded

Sometimes when working on the same product hour after hour, you tend to stop seeing the real value it actually provides to the world. You stop seeing the benefits of using it. You might even start doubting about its existence and all the hours you put into it.

This is what I believe just a sign of pure sanity. It is perfectly normal to doubt. Just as long as you stay with it and continue the long path to happy users and a great product.

You can doubt as much as you want as long as you continue building an amazing product. ~ J.A.

We are humans and when building something innovative, ground breaking never seen before kind of product you should embrace the fact that this is a journey. A long lasting journey towards more satisfaction and a better world to live in.

Please do continue

I've had some minor previous success with a couple of projects, but they tended to fade out and I lost motivation for them. I doubted, I beleived in better ideas, I started seeing new opportunities.

Those were the exact reasons to why those projects failed in the end. I lost motivation and stopped working on them. The continuation was gone.

Lets face it. The only way to not succeed in something is to give up and stop making it happen. This goes for all of us. Whether you are a creator, inventor, developer, employee, boss or a baby bird in its nest.

Most fellow entrepreneurs experience the same, so don't be afraid.

So my advice to myself and to you, fellow creator, inventor and human;

Have doubts, be happy, be sad. Feel fear for failure, opportunity for success.