Prowl Node.js API

PUSH notifications are all good and all. But do our products in RevRise really need them? We´re in the middle of making the last couple of changes to Form Analytics and I´m evaluating a couple of additions to it.

Testing PUSH notifications in a prototype/early stage product

When evaluating stuff, you might want a cost effective and quick to setup solution. Let´s realize that you don´t code an iPhone app to test the behavior/response of PUSH notifications IRL. No you don´t. However, there is actually an app for that.

I quickly stumbled upon Prowl which is like Growl, but for iPhone. Through its HTTP REST(ful) API you can send PUSH notifications to iPhone/iPad with the prowl app on them.

Since the biggest part of our stack rely on JavaScript, I decided to make a sweet little Node.js library for sending PUSH notifications via Prowl.

Meet node-prowl - the Node.js lib for Prowl

It´t super easy to use:

var prowl = new Prowl('MY-API-KEY');
prowl.push('YO, this is awesomez!', 'My app', function( err, remaining ){
  if( err ) throw err;
  console.log( 'I have ' + remaining + ' calls to the api during current hour. BOOM!' );

Install it by:

npm install node-prowl

It's as simple as that!

Find the docs and source in its repository.